Streedagh Beach Rainbow

When you go out to photograph a potential nice sunset, you really never know what you’re going to get, especially around the Wild Atlantic Way in Sligo, as the Atlantic tends to bring in clouds, rain showers, fronts in the blink of an eye sometimes! Yesterday was one such day. With a lovely clear blue sky, I said I’d head up to north Sligo to Streedagh Beach to see if I could score a decent sunset. I hadn’t been to Streedagh Beach in years, maybe 8 or 9 years. I used to surf there a lot when I was learning back in the day as it was a nice beach break with a sandy bottom and more sheltered than Strandhill. Naturally as you start to surf better you progress and move on as it’s pretty much a close out beach break on all but the best days out there!

Anyway, on arrival to the beach, it hadn’t changed at all, which is a good thing. It was howling wind but thankfully no sand was blowing around. Wind + sand + camera aren’t things that go together! Also on arrival was some beautiful late afternoon light beaming on the marram grass in the dunes. I had a good while before a lower layer of cloud obscured the sunshine, so I just wandered the dunes looking for a decent composition when a bank of cloud began building over the Gleniff Horseshoe area and Benbulben in the distance. Sunshine, a big dark bank of cloud usually means, yes, a rainbow appeared! I’ll take a dramatic sky and beautifully lit foreground everyday. The rainbow itself was only a quarter rainbow, so it lent itself perfectly to a 65:24 panoramic frame.

I shot this at 1/250 at F11 ISO 640 on a tripod.

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