Wolf Moon from Strandhill

The first full moon of 2022 occurred on the 17th January. It was a stunning Wolf Moon. Technically this shot is of the moon the day before, but actually setting on the morning of the 17th.

After a late night spent watching the San Francisco 49ers dispatch the Cowboys, I kind of got up too late to actually go anywhere and shoot this properly! So instead, I just grabbed the Canon R6 and shot this from my driveway, overlooking the dunes of Strandhill, and down to the Blue Rock area. It was a gorgeous scene, with mega colours in the sky, so deserved to be photographed anyway. Had I decided to drive closer to the shore, I would have missed this because as the moon set, it went behind a haze and lost all the detail.

I shot this image at 1/160 at F4 ISO 200 on the Canon R6 with EF70-200mm F4 L IS II.

wolf moon strandhill
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