Strandhill Sea Foam

With a humongous swell forecast for the past few days, I’ve heard nothing but a constant rumble from our house that overlooks the beach front. With an equally big spring tide, this swell has been causing some serious erosion around the Strandhill coastline. On the third day of the swell, with whatever conditions cause it all coming together, the whole place was covered in sea foam. It was like looking at a huge bath tub filled with bubble bath. While the marshmallow like sea foam is in the water, it’s beautiful and pristine white coloured, but as soon as it gets left on the beach of dunes, it turns instantly a light brown colour and when the wind catches it and it blows all over you, you see it’s full of sand!

I shot the top image at 1/640 at F8 ISO 400 and the bottom image 1/250 at F8 both handheld.

Strandhill Sea Foam

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