Gleniff Horseshoe Snow

As per a previous post , even though 65:24 is the format that’s always on when I turn on the Fuji GFX50R, it doesn’t mean I don’t use the other available format, most notably the full 4:3 image, which uses all of the available 50 megs that camera creates. Unlike the previous shot, with this show below, I was able to shoot in both 4:3 and 65:24 format, and both formats worked. The 65:24 version is in the folio section of the website.

I’ve photographed the classic old school ruins up at the Gleniff Horseshow on the Xpan probably about 10 years ago. It’s not a shot that ever really did anything for me, no matter what conditions I’ve seen it captured in. But the surrounding mountains are epic. Not Yosemite epic, but epic for a location not quite 30 minutes from my home.

I’ve always loved road shots, whether it’s in the middle of Death Valley, the iconic Highway 163 in Utah leading to Monument Valley or the greatest location of them all, Valley of Fire, there’s just something that’s hard to beat than a good road shot. But it can be hard to find great road shots around Ireland, they’re there, but they’re harder to find probably due to the twisty nature of most of them! But this road around the Gleniff Horseshow is gorgeous when you find the exact right spot. When I seen there was snow forecast for the mountains around Sligo, I just headed up to the Horseshoe early in the morning and I was a little shocked to find nobody else up there as the roads were perfectly covered with a mix of hail and snow with no tracks in them! A couple of wheel spinning moments but getting around wasn’t much of an issue. When I finally got around to the location of this shot, it was pretty simple to find the right composition. Pristine snow covered road leading to the tall mountains in the background – let the location do the work. I was up there on my own, but I try not to do cliche shots ie: have a person in the shot in a red or yellow coat – no thanks Instagram.

I shot this at 1/250 at F4 ISO 640, handheld.

Gleniff Horseshow Snow

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