Approaching Storm Barra

True to form, Knocknarea saved Strandhill from the first part of Storm Barra on Tuesday. It was no windier than any normal day out here! If you were the only surfer to try surfing, you’d have found super strong offshore winds but nothing major!

Then it went calm as the centre passed over us in the afternoon. I shot this from my driveway right around 4:30pm after sunset as the storm sat over the Atlantic waiting to come back in. This time there would be no mountain blocking the onshore winds, and right at 7pm, wham, vicious winds belted the village & they kept hammering us until well into the following day! I shot this quickly and handheld on Fuji GFX50R + 32-64mm lens with 0.6 ND Grad.

Storm Barra Strandhill
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