Rosses Point Twilight

A few months ago when I first got the Fujifilm GFX50R, my main goal was to set it up with a film simulation that produces a shot that looks like the Fuji Velvia50 film I used to shoot with the Xpan2 camera. Even though the 50R comes with an inbuilt Velvia simulation, it’s not quite the same as the film was. So messing about with that simulation I came up with something that is close, very close, in my opinion anyway and one that I’m happy to use.

These two images are both of Rosses Point in Sligo, and a little of Oyster Island in the bottom shot. The coastal village in Sligo comes out great in images but like most places you have to look around to capture the best of it especially if you want some of the village since it points towards the sea!

The top shot I took last week on the 50R. It’s a one minute exposure at F11, taken with both the 0.6 ND grad filter to hold the sky back a little, and the Lee Little Stopper to blur the water that was moving about, thankfully not too much, not enough to rock the boat docked near the Sligo Bay Lifeboat station. There was no way to not have the red bouy blurred though.

The bottom shot was taken maybe back in 2014, I’m not 100% sure. It was shot on the Xpan with Velvia50 film. Similar weather conditions. The colours are pretty close to what I’ve been able to tweak on the 50R so it’s definitely close!

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