Culleenamore Afterglow

Back in May I shot the coastal fence down in Culleenamore (see here) and due to the pretty soft muted light, I said I’d revisit this scene again in the hopes of capturing a more dramatic sky this time. For the type of sky I’ve been waiting for, this summer hasn’t been the best. I think there’s been only one or two evenings where the sky and clouds have lit up and lingered well after sunset. On the evening of the eve of the longest day of the year, the sky had potential, so I drove five minutes down the road to Culleenamore in the hope that something dramatic might happen.

When I arrived, I could see the sun had dipped below the cloud line and was lighting up the place…ok, better run to where I need to be, as it looked like it was on! Anyone who knows Culleenamore knows it’s a big beach. You never know how big until you have to run across it with tripod in hand! I knew the shot I wanted was the afterglow light so I wasn’t too bothered that I missed the last of the sunshine beaming through the Shelley Valley, maybe that’s a shot for another time.

On arrival at the fence, I just looked around for the various shots I wanted to try. I shot a number of compositions (including just the fence on it’s own like last time) but by far and away my favourite shot, actually included Culleenamore Beach this time. The afterglow that came following the sunset was pretty intense but faded quickly over Ballisodare Bay, so I tried to capture the blending pink sky into the darker sky over the Ox Mountains. The last of the glow was still lighting up the fence and dunes and even the pink sky was reflecting down onto the usually dark beach. The wild flowers in front of the fence was a bonus!

I shot this with a 0.6 soft ND grad filter to control the sky a little as it was so much brighter than the fence, dunes and beach.

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