Coastal Sea Fence, Culleenamore

Having had a nearly five year break from shooting in the panoramic format with the Xpan system, then having just started using the Fuji GFX50R, getting used to seeing again in 65:24 format was taking a little bit to get used to again! But as they say practice makes perfect!

This scene is anything but perfect, but is one where finally I felt I moved on from testing the camera and the 65:24 format to actually seeing pictures and shooting them properly using settings in the camera that I was finally happy with. It’s no secret I loved shooting with film – set up, wait for the right conditions, shoot, then send off to the lab & drum/imacon scanner, job done! Aside from the 65:24 format of the Fuji, it was the amazing jpgs that come of out of it that intrigued me and why I decided to go down that route. This shot below, like most of my images are almost straight out of camera jpgs. A little levels adjustment here and there or slight colour balance tweak to get it as close to original Velvia50 as I can, but that’s all.

Living by the coast here in Ireland, these flimsy but expensive (I’ve checked) sea fences are in quite a few places, especially around where I live. They don’t usually last long with either people going through them or the inevitable winter storms ravaging them. For me, they are a staple of the coastline, and I’ve seen them in other coastal regions too, like California. So my goal with this shot was to show a coastal scene, without including the beach or sea which is generally what you see with a coastal shot. A slightly more dramatic sky would have been a bonus, but the soft muted sun setting behind the dunes lit up the fence perfectly, so I chose not to include much sky, as it wasn’t adding much to the overall scene. A revisit to this spot might be in order later in the year when the sun retreats again – it’s setting much further to the right of frame now.

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