First breakdown of an image I shot 2 days ago. The Fuji camera I now use is still pretty new to me, and to be able to shoot a panoramic image then see the results right away is still pretty exciting to me! With the Xpan before, I used to have to wait around 2 weeks to get my film back from processing!

Back to this image. This is a scene I’ve had in my head a while, ever since this new-ish lifeguard hut was erected in Rosses Point. While we don’t have the iconic California lifeguard towers here in Ireland, we do have the very distinctive red and yellow colours associated with Water Safety Ireland.

With the pretty epic skies towards where the sun was setting, it was a natural composition to shoot out to sea right into the sun with the hut and cliff edge towards the bottom of the frame, and keeping Blackrock Lighthouse to the left of the frame. Using a Lee Filter Little Stopper to blur the ocean movement, and a 0.6 ND hard grad to keep the detail in the sky and hut, it was simply a matter of waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud for a few seconds.

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